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ACID, Anti Copying In Design, is committed to fighting design theft. We are also determined to provide you with all the resources you need in your IP tool kit to ensure your designs and products are fully protected from concept to market place.

ACID e-Sales is your one-stop shop for generic ip protection agreements, confidentiality agreements, royalty agreements, legal forms and letters, Intellectual Property insurance (you insure your health, your car, your home - why not your business?), merchandise and much, much more. Everything in ACID e-Sales is being provided at a special price for ACID Members. Even non-members wishing to buy our products will find the full retail price considerably less expensive than paying lawyers to draft these basic agreements! ACID always advises you to seek the advice of an IP specialist if you are in any doubt about the use of such agreements or if you wish to add any specific clauses which may be relevant to your business.

Remember, our agreements are reusable and can be used over and over again as an integral part of your standard terms and conditions of business. You will discover we have, wherever possible, cut legalese and provided easy to understand, legally enforceable documents to support and protect your Intellectual Property Rights. Hundreds of our members buy our ACID branded merchandise year on year to use as a visual deterrent at exhibitions and when sending samples - competitively priced for ACID value!

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